Hodgson Orthopedic Group - About Us - Core Values

core values

In an effort to Produce Positive with our decisions, the Hodgson Orthopedic Group’s employees are mindful of our core values. We strive to implement them as an active daily practice in our thoughts and interactions.

Make decisions out of compassion not fear

Each day presents opportunities for decision making. Fear based decisions are made out of a perceived threat, or lack of control. Compassion based decisions are driven by a connection, commitment and passion; the foundations of love. Letting go of fear that comes from, “What if” questions is an important step towards having our decisions produce positive

There is no “Way we’ve always done it”

Patients deserve the benefit of our collaborative approach and experiential learning. This can produce efficient trends of treatment. It is our responsibility however to not lose our inquisitive mindset and settle into habits out of the desire for comfort perceived in the “Way we’ve always done it”.

Make all experiences truly custom

Be ok with failure in the pursuit of creating something that is designed with the patient in mind. Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.

Give your attention to problems

When a challenge arises, take a minute to appraise the issue. A solution doesn’t always need to be perfect but we have many tools to help us choose how to act; we must believe in our abilities to solve the problem.

Everybody is important

Our actions should show that everyone deserves compassion. Look beyond patient-centred care to collaborate with all stakeholders: parents, other professionals, third party contractors etc. Regardless of how busy we are or how repetitive the question is, we are in the business of producing positive. This takes a breath with thoughtful conscious effort.