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The Hodgson Orthopedic Group’s funding mission is to be an active ally to patients and families while navigating the cost recuperation process of their treatment cycle. We aim to guide patients through the tiers of paperwork required by government agencies, private healthcare corporations and charitable organizations to offset the financial burden of treatment as much as possible. We offer two pathways for patients to choose from when designing their treatment model.

Independent Pathway

Many of our patients find themselves in scenarios where their treatments are time-sensitive. These patients may choose the independent pathway to ensure that they are treated as soon as possible. Independent patients are still encouraged to work with our funding guides to reduce hassle from the process but are eligible to do so as the treatment is underway.

This pathway requires that patients or families are able to pay for treatment costs regardless of whether or not their funding agency has reached a formal decision. By being able to temporarily absorb the treatment cost if necessary, our orthotists and prosthetists are able to work without red tape to complete the treatment as soon as possible.

Guided Pathway

The guided pathway is for patients who either are unfamiliar with their funding options, are required to have pre-approval, or for those who prefer to know their personal financial obligation prior to committing to the process. Either way, our funding coordinator is here to help.

Before the casting or shape capture appointment, a call or video chat is scheduled with our funding coordinator to develop the treatment plan. The Hodgson Funding Department coordinates form filling and submission wherever possible. Any actions or information required of the patient or their physician will be discussed to help prevent surprises or slowdowns once treatment is underway.

Once approval amounts have been granted and patients know what their financial responsibility will be, then they may choose to proceed with their treatment.

Please reach out to our Funding coordinator if you have any questions.

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